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Finding the perfect nanny family starts with you. This course will help you identify your core professional values and the non negotiable attributes you need in a nanny to have a balanced work life. Learn from real life experiences, expert resources and neuroscience research on what it takes to achieve peace, fulfillment, and financial success in your childcare career. This self paced course is perfect for the busy nanny who is struggling to find the spark they once had in their motivation to nanny. Or the brand new nanny who wants to be intentional about the relationships they build as they begin their career and need help identifying their north star and the values that brought them to this career in the first place. Finding the right nanny family can be difficult and time-consuming. The self paced Mini course will help you identify your core professional values, find out what you need in a prospective employer, and how to go about finding one. Get the key insights of this Mini course with How to Find the Right Nannny Family.

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