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Inspire, Educate, Equip

Here at Playful Acre we Inspire, Educate, and Equip families and educators to preserve the magic of childhood through nature. Through our nature school programs, coaching and consultations, and the Shop @ Playful Acre.  

Hi ! I'm Reagan. Owner of Playful Acre. I'm so glad you're here! Want to connect? Get on my Calendar!

What We Do

How We Do It


We inspire and educate through our blog. Find activity ideas, book reviews, inspirational messages, and tips and tricks for outdoor play and parenting. All this and more at the blog. 

Public Speaking

I am a nature education specialist who teaches educators and families about the importance of getting kids outside. I will bring my playful nature themed stories to your group to teach parents or educators how to create a safe environment for nature play, hiking with kids, outdoor sensory play, and more! Don't miss out on one of my workshops.


Immerse yourself in the magic of childhood and get back to basics. This podcast will inspire you with inspiring stories, empower you with knowledge and equip you with tools to help you preserve the magic of childhood through nature!

Consultations and coaching

Learn how to set up a nature play environment in your school, preschool, or home. During our private consultations, we teach educators and families how to incorporate more nature into their daily practice. 

We also offer career coaching for nannies and caregivers.


Find Nature Journals, Stickers, STEM Kits, Mindfulness cards, and more in the shop. 

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