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10 Ways to Spend More Time Playing Outside: FREE Fall Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Be sure to download the Free fall scavenger hunt! Read on to find out how to implement it into your family's rhythm!


Spending more time outdoors can have several benefits, including better physical fitness, increased confidence, happiness levels, and improved mental health. However, studies show that kids are spending drastically less time outdoors than they used to. This blog post shares ten ways you can make sure your family is spending more time enjoying outdoor activities and having fun.

We all know that the internet, television, and video games have changed how we interact with one another. What would you do if there were no screens? I, for one, am glad we don't live without them because of the fantastic opportunities they offer. But if you need ideas of what to do when trying to find that balance and work outdoor play into your daily routine, here's a great starting point.

10 ideas to get your family outside together:

Have you or your children ever complained about being bored? Then it's time to start playing outside! Here are 10 ways to spend more time playing outside with your kids than the whole family can enjoy. Save this blog post and come back to reference it. I will be adding complete how-to's or tips for each item and will link them as I write them!

  1. Make certain hours "technology free" hours each day (e.g., No Technology from 10 A.M. - 11 A.M. and 4 P.M. - 6 P.M.)

  2. Find your local Nature Preserve or State Park and try to do every trail on the map!

  3. Play in the sprinkler. It doesn't have to be fancy; the simple ones are kids' favorites in my experience!

  4. Plant a garden. Whether a raised bed, revamping existing beds, or container gardening on the back porch, there's something incredibly soothing and grounding for the entire family when you garden together.

  5. Build a Treehouse or Shelter.

  6. Set up an obstacle course or 'ninja' course outdoors!

  7. Learn how to make a one-match fire.

  8. Learn to identify and forage edible plants.

  9. Take a walk at a local park and collect litter.

  10. Go on a Nature Scavenger hunt. Create your own or download our Free Fall Scavenger Hunt!

Overall, the time spent outside is a crucial thing for children. The most important takeaway from this blog is that outdoor playtime with your kids is healthy and necessary. And that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Take small steps—one day at a time. And soon, you'll find yourself in nature naturally with the rhythm of your days.


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