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5 Tips to Identify Your Values as an Educator

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

As an educator, you know the importance of values and how they affect your behavior and attitudes. But, it's not always easy to identify your core values.

Let's be honest, when you're acclimating yourself to a new household, classroom, or environment every few years, it can be easy to lose yourself. However, when you take the time to work through some questions and identify what fuels you, you have a solid basis for a return whenever career decisions or conflicts arise. Our values don't determine our destination but our direction.

What is a Value?

A value is something that you believe in and is of utmost importance to your identity. What fuels you. What drives you forward. Your values can help you determine what is important and what isn't. They often reflect the more fuzzy concepts of life, such as spirituality, community service, and environmentalism. Values-driven behavior is also inherently more authentic than behavior that is motivated by more tangible concerns such as money or status. Your core values can be different for different aspects of your life. Relationships, career, money, spirituality, and health are all aspects of your wheel of life that need to be fueled, and today we are talking about your career values.

How to identify your values as an educator

There are many different methods to identifying your values as an educator. One way is to list the things you value the most. Another way is to think about what would be important to you in your ideal school or classroom. The values you decide on will help identify the kind of educator you want to be and how you can best provide for current and future needs.

My Firestarter course walks you through these questions and many more conversations and strategies to dig deep and identify your core values that light the fire in your career. It's the perfect solution for nannies, teachers, and caregivers take So take it at your own pace, choose your adventure.

I will help you identify your core values, position yourself for success, and find and believe in your worth.

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The importance of valuing yourself as an educator

Educators are expected to be student advocates, parents, and mentors. They also need to be creative, innovative problem solvers who can provide students with e a diverse range of resources. The most prominent mistake teachers make is not valuing themselves enough. If you don't value and respect what you do, how can you expect parents and students to value your work? Identifying your core values and how you implement them into your day-to-day life as an educator will open your eyes to your value.

To your strengths.

To everything you are and do that impacts the next generation of learners.

Creating a balance between teaching and learning

As an educator, it is your responsibility to balance the needs of the student with your own. It can be easy to become lost in trying to help every individual, but you must take care of yourself. If you are not taking care of yourself, how can you continue to offer your students what they need? Teachers are most effective when they are dedicated, full of passion, and happy.

Passion isn't something you can fake. But it is something that doesn't burn out when you are aligned in your values and fueling your days with the activities and people that are aligned with your vision of your life.

Tools for identifying your Values

Value identification is not about declaring one's favorite color, animal, or flavor of ice cream. It is about understanding what matters to you. By reflecting on your values, you can make the best decisions that align with your priorities and turn your passion into everyday practice. Value identification can be difficult because it gets personalOurur Values-Driven career coaching service can help you identify your core values, position yourself in the market, and maintain your worth and value in every step of your career.

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