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A Cozy Sunday

How our Family Spends a Day Indoors

Mom and Son play on bed. Both laugh. Mom has purple hair covering her eyes and son has curly blonde hair.
Leah Kelly Photography

I wanted to share what we do when we're inside on a Sunday. Maybe you're in the same boat!

If you know me, you know I'm itching to get outside most of the time. But I'm not an extremist; I'm a realist. And sometimes, when you live in the Midwest, the temperature drops 30* in an afternoon, and I don’t know anyone who wants to be outside when that cold front rolls through.

Spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, or watching your favorite television show can all be relaxing activities that you enjoy. But what about those days when you want to unwind and connect with your little ones. Make a special day of it, and do something different. Well, here are a few ideas for a cozy Sunday that will have everyone smiling and enjoying family time.

How to Spend a Cozy Sunday

This blog is all about different ways to spend your Sunday. You can choose from :

4 year old boy with curly blonde hair draws on table
Instead of fighting Rowen's desire to sit on the table and draw, I built an art table where it's safe.

  • Nintendo Switch - Family Games are one of our favorite activities. With my love of nature and the outdoors, you might think I'm anti-screen, but quite the opposite. I'm all about balance! We are a family full of gamers. While running 2 businesses has taken over for most of my own gaming time, whenever I get a chance, you can find me playing Sims4 on the PC, my husband is an Xbox gamer, and Rowen loves his Switch; he's almost better than I am at Mario at this point. Here are a few of our favorite Nintendo Switch games to play together.

  • Just Dance

  • Mario Kart

  • Mario Kart Live

  • Mario Party

Set the Mood

Make sure that you're dressed for the occasion. Throw on your coziest PJs and some fuzzy socks, light some candles, and then you're ready for your perfect cozy day with family.

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