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Book Review: Open Air Life


Just like there is slow food, slow parenting, and slow entertainment, friluftsliv is a form of slow nature. An outdoorsy cousin of hygge, friluftsliv ('free-loofts-liv')is what Nordic people do outside all day before they cozy up in front of the fireplace with their wool socks on and a cup of hot cocoa. The concept is humble but revolutionary: Live simply. Go outside often. Be kind to the earth. Friluftsliv can be as simple as an evening walk around the neighborhood or as advanced as a multiday backpacking expedition in the remote wilderness or anything in between. In THE OPEN-AIR LIFE (11/1/22, Hardcover, TarcherPerigee) Swedish-American writer Linda Åkeson McGurk shares the 10 principles of this Nordic secret and explains how unplugging and connecting more deeply with nature can improve mental and physical health, relationships, and general well-being.

Meet the Author

Linda Åkeson McGurk, a Swedish-American freelance writer and author who believes life is better outside writes about her family's experiences living in Sweden.

Her first book, There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom’s Secret for Raising Healthy, Resilient and Confident Children, was published by Touchstone/S&S in October 2017 to critical acclaim. Linda lives with her family in Sweden.

Her newest book, Open Air Life, cames out today! November 1st 2022, and I not only had the honor of reading an early copy but I also

got to sit down with Linda and talk about the new book on my podcast, The Magic of Childhood.

You don't want to miss this interview! But in the meantime, here's my review of the book, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Order your copy today!

First off, what is Friluftsliv?

No, not fruit salve. Not Fruit salad. My phonetic spelling looks like this "Free-loot-sliv".

However you say it, The word friluftsliv is a Norwegian word that translates loosely to “open-air life,” but there is no direct English translation. It's a way of life that encourages you to go outside and enjoy nature. It's about enjoying the outdoors, not just going outside for exercise or sport.

The main focus is on non-competitive activities such as walking, hiking, foraging, birding, and campfire storytelling in an eco-conscious manner.

This book is excellent. It shows ways to connect with nature and live simply.

This book is excellent. It shows ways to connect with nature and live simply. Linda paints a picture of not only the history behind Friluftsliv but practical tips to make it accessible and attainable for everyone without leaving those with more outdoor experience bored for even a moment. The book is easy to read, it's a good length, it has a lot of useful

information, and it's well organized. But it's how beautiful this book is from cover to cover that first catches your eye and draws you in: the illustrations are lovely; they're like an invitation to breathe in the fresh air. The soft blue text feels like you're in an enchanted place where anything could happen at any moment (and usually does).

The author's love of nature shines through in every page of the book.

The author's love of nature shines through in every section of the book. She shows ways to connect with nature and live simply but doesn't gloss over the complex and unglamorous parts or romanticize nature. She is honest and practical regarding her advice and her anecdotes that make you realize that it's not about the big moments and adventures but about the simple moments and making nature a part of every day.

This book will change your life.

Whether you are already familiar with the outdoors and its benefits or consider yourself a novice, this book will leave you with more than just the basic knowledge of how to pack your equipment. It will give you a yearning to get outside and experience it yourself.

Grab your copy of Open Air Life here and join me in discovering the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv and Embracing Nature Every Day.

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