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Custom Notebooks

Making Art Accessible

I am so excited to announce that my artwork is now available in custom Denik notebooks! Denik is a company dedicated to helping artists share their work with the world. They produce high-quality notebooks and items like stickers that you can use as a nature journal, diary, or give out as gifts. I love to share my work, so I was super excited to join their artist and ambassador team and create custom art for people to enjoy for years to come. Now, you can purchase one of their custom notebooks that features a variety of my artwork! Check out the This way you ca

n take your favorite art pieces on the go with you wherever your adventures may lead!

Turn your art into products people can purchase

Custom notebooks are a great way to sell your art and make money. With the help of custom notebooks, you can turn your passion into profit.

Custom notebooks give you the opportunity to share your work with millions of people around the world. You can design awesome art for these products so that people will be drawn by their beauty and uniqueness.

Denik is an artist-supportive company

Denik is an artist-supportive company, that helps artists get their art out to the world. They do this in various ways, such as offering various products that are great for artists and creatives. When I found their company, I was so excited to see a custom manufacturer with such strong support for the artist community and working to make art more accessible to all, as well as work to build schools around the world.

Denik custom notebooks are super high quality

You can rest easy knowing that your Denik custom notebooks will be made from high-quality paper with a 200% guarantee on their LifeProof designs.

Turn your art into custom notebooks to spread joy and inspire others to get out and explore nature

Our notebook designs are created to bring joy to your workspace and the world around you. Write your thoughts, ideas, plans, and dreams in this adorable little book that will bring an uplifting touch to any desk or coffee table.

We've all had those moments where we’re sitting at our desks feeling lost and directionless, the blank page staring back at us. So why not use one of these notebooks to write down some of those ideas? It's only going to help you get unstuck faster!

Plus, it's so easy for us humans to forget about nature when we spend all day on the computer or phone screen (or both!). So what better way is there than nature journaling and capturing something beautiful that reminds people of simpler times?

You can now purchase my artwork in a variety of Denik custom notebooks!

Inside cover of our "Do Less" notebook

I am super excited to announce that my custom notebooks are now available at my shop! To purchase your own notebook, visit and use the code "PLAYFULACRE" for 15% off all Denik ORDERS.

The notebooks come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose which one best fits your needs. The designs are printed on sustainable materials, including 100% post-consumer recycled papers and certified EcoColor inks (which have less impact on the environment than traditional printing methods).

I hope you enjoy the art I turned into notebooks! I had a lot of fun working with Denik to create these products. Check out their website here if you're interested in getting some custom notebooks of your own, or helping support our cause by shopping at

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