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Gift Ideas for Nature-Loving Kids

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

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What does a Nature-Loving child in your life want for the holidays? Probably slime. Or a pop socket.

But what will they actually use for more than 5 minutes before it gets lost in the mess of useless knick-knacks? What will not only get them excited to get outside and learn but be something that is useful and adds value to their lives?

you're shopping for a niece or nephew or looking for gifts to give to your own child, you'll find gift pairing ideas that will make any preschooler happy. With toys, gear, and creative ideas, all designed to get our children outdoors and explore the world around them, these are the gifts that will keep on giving!

Kids Hammock for Forest Naps and Reading Time

Kids love the outdoors, but they don't always have the chance to experience them to their fullest. A hammock is an excellent gift for little ones who enjoy a nap in a quiet place. This gift can be used to take a nap outside in the woods while on a nature hike or find a cozy spot in their backyard to create a reading Hammock paradise. Books are always a go-to present for kids AND adults in my life.

I also found this super cool 2-in-1 hammock. Check it out at, it's going on my wishlist!


Personalized Book

And what better accompanying gift to your hammock than a personalized book made just for them. I love these from Playstory. I've never seen such a fantastic variety of stories and topics in personalized books. Get one they'll love and cherish for years to come.



Inexpensive binoculars can be an excellent gift for preschoolers who are eager to explore nature. Having the tools of the trade elevates a pretend play experience into a spark that could inspire the next conservationist or ornithologist. Empowering them with the means of exploration can be a great starting point for a lifetime of nature exploration.


Rock Tumbler (Or two)

No one said it better than April Nardini when Luke bought her yet a second Rock tumbler for Christmas (Season 7 Ep. 11- Gilmore Girls)

"It's the perfect present…I mean who couldn't use two rock polishers?" -Gilmore Girls

Rock Polishers are so much fun and provide endless hours of fun... Put the rocks in a can, add a little water and a couple of drops of dish soap, then shake it up for a few minutes. The stones are polished and beautiful in just a few hours.

This National Geographic Rock Tumbler from Target is perfect for any nature lover.


Nature journal and an anthology nature book

A nature journal is a great gift idea for children who love exploring the outdoors. Journaling consistently helps kids remember and document what they see and experience in their backyard, parks, or even on vacation. All kids need is a sketchbook and some crayons or colored pencils to get started. Of course, I love to pair this with a beautiful nature book of some sort. DK Books is one of my favorite publishers for anthologies. But my top picks this year have to be the Julia Rothman Collection and Animalium by Katie Scott and Jenny Broom. Check them out for your budding nature artist today. This Personalized Art Box would be a great addition to take along on adventures with everything they need.

There are many gifts for nature-loving kids and grown-ups in this blog post. Start by sifting through the different sections and reading about all of the various gift ideas in each. You'll find it easier to narrow down your choices when you know what you're looking for. Just remember to #geoutside!

Additional Ideas:

Waterproof Boots

Wool Socks


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