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Curriculum Bundles: Why I Love Them And How I Use Them for Intrest Led Learning

This post may contain affiliate links, read my full earnings disclosure here.

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect resources to include in your lesson plans? Have you spent hours creating your own materials because you couldn’t find what you needed? We have all been there! I have searched for weeks trying to find the best resources to use in my homeschool. These homeschool curriculum bundles save me so much time. I could create all these from scratch. I have the capabilities, but that takes away from time with the kids. Having these resources gives me time to actually connect and play.

You can get these bundles at amazing prices. Some of my favorite websites that offer bundles are Harbor and Sprout, Teacher's Pay Teachers, and 1000 Hours Outside!

Curriculum bundles are a great way to get all the materials needed for your child's education in one package. This makes it easy to order and provides some savings over purchasing each item individually.

Many curriculum bundles even include bonus items and add ons at an incredible value that will help you make the most of your curriculum purchase

Curriculum bundles. They’re like boxes of crayons or those cool markers that smell like blueberries. A box of chocolates, but better. You get the idea — you know what I mean (you don’t? go ask your parents). The point is, in bundles, you get a wide range of resources for a number of ages/grades/subjects to make creating more fun and convenient for you. And — spoiler alert! — you get to keep them forever. So you can use them for years to come as your kids grow.

All of these resources are available in ONE bundle! Amazing Value.


There are a ton of great homeschool curriculum providers out there. While many offer resources for specific subjects, several collaborate to bundle their resources into learning areas so you can get a ton of resources on a subject or learning area that you can pull what you need and print from instead of having a million textbooks and workbooks.

I have found it so convenient to have all of our materials in one place (thank you google drive!) and even better - digital. I print what I need when I need it and the books don't take up space or get damaged and worn out.

After spending some time researching curriculums, I found myself frustrated at the prospect of paying thousands of dollars for curriculums I may not even be able to use. With the bundles, not only do they provide so much value, you may not need to touch another curriculum for years, they also provide a sneak peek into a variety of creators' work to see different curriculums you may want to dive deeper into.

honey playdoh with roller, mini pie dish, and printables from harbor and sprout
Harbor & Sprout Science Bundle In Action

While I love supporting small businesses, shopping from individual homeschool creators can get expensive. Bundle sales are a great way to get a sneak peek at a variety of different creators' work for an affordable price.

The newest bundle I'm loving is the Harbor & Sprout Science Bundle !! Here's how the H&S bundles work.

With such a deep discount, bundles can almost feel too good to be true. I’m here to tell you it really is as great as it sounds! Each of the 35+ creatives put their heart and soul into creating resources to match the theme, then everyone pools their work together and offers it as a single product for just one week. After the flash sale is over, the resources are available only individually through each shop at full price. This is not only a fun way for creators to collaborate with other shops we love, but it allows us to get our resources to you as part of an incredible deal! We love joining together to bring you something fantastic that you and your families can enjoy for years to come. Be sure to take advantage of this deal and dive deep into all things SCIENCE! You can check out our earlier blog post on how we used one of the resources from the bundle to make a fun sensory experience with Honey scented Play-Doh!

This post will be updated as new bundles are announced, so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference!



A Few Priceless tools I use daily to implement the resources into our days:

-Eco Tank printer- Complete game changer. I was going through so much Ink and the Eco tank is so much more economical and better for the planet!

-Cardstock I prefer to print a lot of the materials on cardstock. The materials that we will be able to reuse in future units or years, I print on cardstock and laminate so they will last!

-Laminator- speaking of my best friend. Laminating saves the materials from being ruined by the elements (since we do many of our lessons outside!) and saves them for future years as we revisit topics as we progress through the grades.

-Paper Trimmer - I recently upgraded my paper trimmer and that is why I can unequivocally say...get the guillotine trimmer. It's so worth it. Especially when cutting laminated cardstock...the blade on the light-duty paper timmers go dull very quickly.

-Velcro Dots- We use these weekly for different projects. It's a great way to keep the pieces of the games such as tic tac toe, bingo, etc together and make them portable so you can take them in the car or outside without worrying about losing the pieces you worked so hard to trim.

-Zipper Pouches- These pouches are a great way to store your materials between use!

-Project Trays- I think if I had to pick my most used tool, this would be it. We use these trays for everything. From craft prep, sensory trays, collection trays, and painting easels. This is one impulse purchase I do NOT regret!

Needless to say, a bundle is great for parents that want to make their homeschooling lives a whole lot better by acquiring curriculum at a bargain price. Happy learning!!

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