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Lowering Standards to Raise Productivity and Growth

I have a lot of thoughts.

That's an understatement.

I have always been a writer and a dreamer. However, for years I've allowed the expectations of society, trauma response, and weight of motherhood to get in the way of my writing and expressing myself authentically.

I have begun to find my voice with this blog and my social media presence. I have found community and have unlocked memories and connections I otherwise would not have without the vehicle of writing. The motivation to share. And the acceptance and love from this beautiful community that I have built.

But I have also allowed perfectionism to continue to hold me back from consistency and unscripted thoughts.

I have about 5 in-depth blog posts in the pipeline that I am researching, writing, revising, and perfecting. For those, this process is important. Scientific-based advice needs to be checked, referenced, and validated by sources.

However, I am committing to you, and myself today. To show up in another way. To show up raw and unedited. To share my thoughts EVERY day. To blog EVERY day, allowing me to open up to my community with my struggles and what I learn each day with you. And to get feedback and learn from each day's lessons.

So here's to day 1.

Raw thoughts. Raw focus. Raw me.

I'm getting exhausted with the dramatic weather shifts as of late. January - March seems to bring us 20* weather changes DAILY in Cincinnati and I just want ONE day to know exactly what the weather will be when I wake up without having to check the forecast.

ONE day where we can just trust it will be sunny and 75 and we can adventure.

But those days will come. And sooner than I think. So today my challenge for myself and for you is to slow down. To notice ALL of the things about his cold season we are in. The frozen earth. The quiet. The crunch. The shivers. The aches. All of it. Notice it. How does this season make you feel?

From there we can learn more about ourselves, our bodies, what we need, and how to work WITH the seasons of change in our lives to maximize our potential, our growth, and our beautiful periods of rest.

What do you notice in this season? How can you work WITH this season of both nature/weather and life to move forward towards your most authentic self?

I'd love to hear from you friends. Drop your thoughts in the comments or shoot me an email at

You are loved, my friends. Never forget that.


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