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Playsilks: Worth the investment?

This post contains affiliate links. See my full earnings disclosure here.

If you're in the Waldorf or Montessori-inspired education circles online, you know about Playskilks. If you've ever had a friend who had Playsilks, you know about them because either you saw them and asked about them or they just told you about them because they love them so get the point.

Playsilks are pretty cool. But I've been resistant to investing in them for a few reasons.

  • I live in a home of Neurodivergent people, with me leading the charge. What does that mean? Things get...ruined. Sometimes, we leave toys outside. Sometimes they get rained on. So do we just waste? Nah. I mostly just lean into this and reuse as much as possible. Compostable craft supplies so that any scraps can just be brushed under the picnic table.

This is not me. My picnic blankets are not this clean.

Old blankets handed down from friends have served us decently for many of the play options Playsilks offer. But my son is getting old enough now that the benefits of the lightweight, colorful silks are starting to outweigh the risks.

  • Forts. That's all.

  • Imaginative play. My son is four, and his imagination is something beautiful to watch come to life. I am excited to see how he and his friends at our Nature Preschool take these silks and create magic in the woods.

  • Affiliate Links and Holiday sales! I'm nothing if honest. Guys, click my link and I'll get a few pennies, buy some silks, and maybe a few bucks. Either way, by sharing what I'm buying for my own school and family, I support my shopping habits, and so do you.

I stumbled upon Imagine Childhood a few months ago and have been following them and waiting till silks were in my budget. Quite frankly, their mission is so aligned with my own that I instantly fell in love with their shop. I can't wait to show you what we get from Santa! I'm putting in a huge order and Playsilks aren't the only thing going in my cart. Subscribe to the blog and follow me on Instagram today to make sure you get an update and see our Christmas Morning haul!


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