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Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

Who Says Rainy Days Should Go Away? Here are 10 Awesome Ways to Explore Nature with Your Kids this Spring!

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it can be tough when rainy days keep your kids cooped up inside. But who says they have to? The benefits of outdoor education don't disappear with rainy weather. In fact, rainy days open up opportunities for learning in new and magical ways. So instead of waiting for the weather to clear up, why not embrace the rain and use it as an opportunity to explore nature with your kids?

Here are ten awesome ways to do just that:

  1. Go on a nature walk: Put on your rain boots and take a stroll through the park or the woods. Point out the different plants and animals you see along the way, and show your kids how to identify different types of trees and birds.

  2. Explore a pond or stream: Rainy days are the perfect time to check out a nearby pond or stream. Look for frogs, tadpoles, and other aquatic life, and teach your kids about the importance of water conservation. Just be sure to do your risk assessment and be sure that there are no flash flood warnings in the area.

  3. Build a rain shelter: Get creative and build a shelter out of tarps or blankets. Use sticks or logs to prop up the shelter and create a cozy space to relax and enjoy the sound of the rain.

  4. Play in the puddles: Let your kids splash around in the puddles and have some fun. Bring along some waterproof toys and loose parts or find things in nature to use and encourage them to get creative with their play.

  5. Hunt for rainbows: Look for rainbows in the sky after the rain stops. Talk to your kids about how rainbows are formed, and encourage them to use their imaginations to create their own rainbow stories.

  6. Go worm hunting: After a good rain, worms come out of the ground to get some air. Take your kids on a worm hunt and teach them about the importance of worms for soil health. Show them how to gently pick up the worms and return them to the soil. Check out this worm-hunting guide and report back your findings for science!

  7. Draw with chalk in the rain: Chalk drawings can be a lot of fun, but they usually get washed away by rain. Embrace the rain and use it to create a unique masterpiece with your kids. Draw on the pavement with chalk and watch as the rain mixes with the colors to create a beautiful work of art.

  8. Explore the rain garden: Many parks and gardens have rain gardens, which are designed to help manage stormwater runoff. Take your kids on a walk through the rain garden and show them how it works. Look for different plants and insects, and talk about how rain gardens help protect the environment.

  9. Collect rainwater: Set up a rain barrel or bucket to collect rainwater and use it to water your garden or plants. Teach your kids about the importance of conserving water, and show them how to use rainwater to keep their plants healthy.

  10. Make mud pies: Rainy days are the perfect time to get messy and make mud pies. Show your kids how to mix dirt and water to create the perfect consistency for mud pies. Use leaves, flowers, and other natural materials to decorate your creations.

These activities are a great way to teach your kids about nature and can be a lot of fun too. So, don't let it spoil your plans the next time it rains. So the next time it's raining outside, embrace the rain and use it as an opportunity to grab your rain gear and explore, learn, and have fun with your kids!

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