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Reflections on Spring and the Coming of Summer

Wet, Warm Weather

It’s spring, and summer is on its way. Summer brings with it warm, balmy weather. It also brings wetter and muddy weather.

As you feel the warmth of the sun and smell that telltale moisture in the air, how should you look at these signs? How can you use them to your advantage?

First off: what does a change in seasons make you think about? Does it remind you of how fast time passes? Does it remind you of how much life has changed since last year? (If so: are those positive or negative thoughts?)

We all have our own ways of looking at things. But if I were pressed for an answer, I'd say this is a great opportunity to embrace your inner child and indulge in some good old-fashioned puddle jumping or mud pie-making.

A New Season

For many of us, spring is a time of new life and renewal. It's a time to watch nature reawaken, emerging from its long winter slumber. You can see the first buds on trees and daffodils poking up through the snow as the earth begins to thaw. Spring is also a time of rebirth and transformation—once-bare trees are suddenly covered with fresh green leaves, and animals that have been hibernating all winter begin to emerge and search for food again.

Looking Ahead to Summer Vacation

For many people, with the coming of summer comes the blissful anticipation of summer vacation. This may mean going off to summer camp or participating in outdoor activities like hiking or biking for children. For adults, this may mean traveling to a new city or country, hitting the beach for some much-needed relaxation time, and swimming in the ocean. Summer is a time for picnics and spending quality time with friends and family.

While exciting, it can be overwhelming for grown-ups to plan the perfect summer activities for their kids. Children are often so overwhelmed with excitement that they hardly know what they want to do first—and parents might inadvertently add stress by trying too hard to make sure their child has "the best summer ever". While it's important to have fun in the sun, it's also important not to get swept up in all that planning only to run out of energy before you've even begun your vacation. Take time to slow down and enjoy!

Savoring Outdoor Time

As the warmer months approach, it's natural to feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement about being outdoors. The world is coming back to life, and we can't help but crave that fresh air. So here's a suggestion for your summer

planning: don't forget to schedule time for joy.

Get outside. Take some deep breaths. And take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you, before it passes by again. Whether it's exploring your own backyard or adventuring into the wilderness, spring and summer are meant to be playful seasons. Make sure you're savoring them while they last!

Passages and Transitions

We’re in the midst of a transition, and this is a time to both anticipate summer and look back on spring. (This is where you’d normally expect me to chime in with some magic insights, but the truth is, I don’t know what lies ahead either. All I can do is enjoy this moment.)

Transition can be scary, or it can be exciting. It may bring up feelings of longing and nostalgia: “Oh, how I wish spring would stay longer!” But then again, maybe you’re one of those people who hates warm weather and are ready for winter to come back—or maybe you feel both ways at once. Either way, transitions give us an opportunity for reflection: What

have we learned? What has changed? How do we want to build upon those changes and make them permanent? As the seasons shift from spring to summer (just as they will eventually shift from summer to fall), let us think about our own transitions as well; how we might anticipate them, how we might savor them as they end.

Excited for what is to come as we end our first school year in operation

As we move into summer, I can't help but reflect on an exciting school year filled with fun and learning. The end of the year is always a bittersweet time for people, especially teachers. It's sad to see students leave for summer break, but you're also excited about what comes next in their lives and the world around you.

The excitement of summer camp is infectious among kids as well as adults. Whether it’s a new group of kids or your own children heading off to camp, there is a palpable energy that comes along with planning and anticipation that grows as you get closer to the start date.

Getting outside and enjoying nature are two things we promote heavily at our school. We believe that this type of engagement with nature helps instill a deep appreciation for the natural world in children while they are young enough to still retain their sense of wonder and whimsy.


It's almost the end of the school year, and while you may not be in grade school anymore, you're probably still feeling some of the excitement that comes with long summer days and the freedom to stay up late. You'll experience this feeling simply because you're a human being who is biologically programmed to enjoy warm weather. But if you can't tap into your inner child, call up your actual children. They'll remind you of what real excitement feels like when they remind you that it's almost time for summer camp! And as much as we all love our kids, summer camp isn't only for them—it's also an excuse for adults to get away from their responsibilities and engage in reckless acts of fun.

So now that I've reminded you about everything great about life (kids), here are my final words on this wonderful season: enjoy it!

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