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Alternatives to shopping at Amazon

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from a link I may receive a small commission. See my full earnings disclosure here.

Buying online can be convenient, but you also get what you pay for. With an Amazon Prime membership, the company has your credit card information on file, and so you get free two-day shipping on anything you buy through them - sometimes without paying any sales tax. But as I work to make more conscious choices over where to shop and spend my money, I've decided to cancel my membership and shop elsewhere.

Why I canceled my Amazon Prime Membership

I canceled my Amazon Prime membership a few months ago. I used to spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on Amazon Prime, but after going through a few changes in my life, I was not able to justify that price tag anymore. However, there are many places where you can shop for similar things that will save you a lot of money, without compromising your moral compass.

Besides the exploitation of workers and other social issues I care about, their reliability, speed, and customer service were what kept me a customer for so many years.

But with the expansion of 3rd party sellers, amazon's customer service has gone from exceptional to headache-inducing over the past few years. Between Pickup and delivery and small and local retailers stepping up their online game in 2020, Amazon is no longer the only option for quick and reliable home delivery.

Where to Shop Instead of Amazon

While I'm not a stranger to taking advantage of 2-hour delivery from Target, the best thing about the explosion of e-commerce is the advantages Small-business owners have. The reach and audience available through social media and the power of digital marketing have changed consumer retail's face, and it benefits the customer more than anyone else.

I'll link some of my favorite small online or local-to-me shops below:

Starboard Stitches- Cincinnati, Ohio- Unique and Functional handmade clothing

Pinecone Home- Cincinnati, Ohio- Beautiful home decor, personalized and handmade!

The Nanny Cards- NYC, New York- Greeting Cards for Nannies and those who celebrate them.

Clearly Nanny- Atlanta, GA- Enamel pins to uplift and celebrate nannies and their nanny kids

Rich Nanny Vibes- Atlanta GA- Apparel and lifestyle brand elevating your nanny wardrobe

BackountryBirdie- Knoxville TN- Handcrafted. Hand created. From my nest to yours.

Megalis World- CA- Stickers, Art, And apparel.

We have options.

So the first place I go if I am looking for a specific product is the manufacturer.

Most of the time, they have the same, if not better sales as Amazon. If you can't find a coupon, let me know! I have access to lots of coupons and discounts directly from Brands and am happy to grab a coupon for you! For instance, Wonderfold Wagons just sent me this coupon for my audience! I get a small kickback when you use my link, and you get a discount! Win-win right? You get a discount, I get to keep this page alive sharing more stories, tips, and pieces of my life.

Even if they don't sell the item directly, they'll have a "where to find our products" tool that allows you to see the closest stores that sell the product.

The second place I go if the retailer isn't available is to check local small local boutiques that specialize in the type of product you need. There's nothing like shopping in your community. Whether you're buying your lunch or clothes, supporting local businesses is the way to go.

If I can't find the item in one of those ways, I check a few sites, depending on what I'm shopping for, of larger retailers that have same-day pickup options or quick shipping options and carry a large variety of products. I'll link a few of m favorites:

Camping, Gardening, Hiking, and Outdoor Equipment:

Columbia Sportswear

DICKS Sporting Goods

Under Armor

Toys and Tech



I canceled my Amazon Prime membership because I was not satisfied with the service. I went back to shop locally and found that I could see what I needed a lot better, faster, and cheaper. There is an enormous benefit in shopping locally and supporting your community.

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