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The Magic of Childhood

A podcast for parents and caregivers dedicated to learning through play, helping adults notice the magical moments of childhood and curate more play in their lives. One messy, beautiful story at a time.

About the Podcast

I believe learning through play is an integral part of childhood. It allows children to discover who they are without being pressured by adults or peers. I also believe that learning with our kids is one of the most important things I can do for them as parents. It helps us connect with them on an emotional level, which builds trust between our children and us. This trust will help them feel safe enough to share their innermost thoughts with us, which is something that can be incredibly healing for both parent and child alike!

In this podcast, I tell stories from my own life as a parent, educator, and entrepreneur to bring light to every moment and celebrate life's messy glory.

I see the magic in childhood. So I'm bringing you a podcast with lessons, stories, and conversations that make you fall even more in love with your kids and your personal journey of becoming the best parent you can be.

I want families to turn the mundane moments of everyday life into magical moments.

I am on a mission to bring you and your kids closer together. I celebrate the magical moments in our lives by sharing them with you and your family so you can get back to what really matters, which is just spending time with each other!

So Subscribe to the Magic of Childhood Podcast! I can't wait to bring you along on this journey!






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